Living in the Sewers of Colombia Aside from literally sleeping in feces, these people are dodging rats, flash floods and drug addicts. What's worse, the sewer dwellers are constantly under attack by local "death squads," who fire open rounds and pour gasoline into their underground homes, then set them ablaze. Hosted by Thomas Morton | Originally released in 2007 at [...]

Floodplains: All you need to know


Floodplains are a fascinating piece of landscape. Problem is, we never talk about it. Rivers tend to hog all the limelight. When it comes to economic needs, the river is studied more closely; what fishes can we derive, what is the discharge of the river, whether a dam can be built across it, what is the hydroelecrtic potential of a river. Rivers provide water to directly to billions of people all over the world and they are important. But floodplains, often overlooked, are no less…

Floodplains are extremely important to humans; ecologically and economically. Floodplains provide the world with $3920 billion of services!

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