Have you consider where and how we might get our own food?


”In this enchanting and inspiring talk Pui-Kwan reveals her personal story that led her on the path to becoming an urban gardener. Pui-Kwan asks us to consider where and how we might get our ‘real food.’ She also shares some successful urban gardening projects that have helped inspire and sustain local Hong Kong communities.

Pui-Kwan Chu is the Chairperson of S.E.E.D. (the Sustainable Ecological Ethical Development Foundation, previously HOFA, the Hong Kong Organic Farming Association). She was born in Hong Kong and has lived here most of her life ,except for a 13-year stint in Kansas, where she studied graphic design. Pui-Kwan is a keen patron of all forms of arts and performances, locally and internationally, and also loves educating people about using recycled materials” (Filmed at TEDxHappyValley ‘Radical Resilience’ on Saturday April 13th 2013.
Talk 3, Session 1: ‘Stimulus and Response’)