Powering New-Cyb.org

I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine this morning. He wanted to be able to listen to music without the aid of an external device, (ipod, smart phone, radio, etc..). I told him that it is possible because all you would need was a device implanted that was capable of receiving, processing, and sending a signal. Radio is the easiest way to explain this.. A radio station sends out a signal at a certain frequency measured in Hertz (Hz). One typically uses a receiver to tune in to this frequency. The receiver then processes that signal into a frequency that the human body can hear. Basically one could make a hearing-aid on steroids that would get the job done. I owned set of wireless headphones that work on the same concept, one would just have to shrink all the components down and “implant” them.

But this leaves the question how to you power such a device? For the wireless headphones there was a battery that could be charged by plugging a cable into the device. Now I’ve seen plenty of Science-fiction stories that use this idea of “plugging in” to get the required power. But I don’t think people want to sit by a power source waiting for their implants to “power up”. So I want to know if would be possible to use the human body as the power source.

The Medicine Journal explains that humans create power through “chemical energy”. According to ExtremeTech humans can produce around 100 watts of power at rest. They also note that The University of Wisconsin has created a special shoe that uses electrowetting to produce 10 watts — a huge amount of energy — just from walking.

Therefore it is imperative for us to develop more technologies that will allow us to harness to power of the human!