The geopolitical context of the peace process in Colombia.

According to the document, peace index 2016, there are only 11 countries in the world that are not in any conflict, it can be officially say that the world is at war.
The peace process in Colombia is a complex event, which is not without repercussions in world politics. Colombia lost the opportunity to be a major player in a world that desperately needs relief from the tensions that the west have created, Colombia had participated as an example worldwide for seeking peace, but at the same time is an unexpected response to prevent submission to the western empire.

In this video we will analyze the consequences of the unexpected result of the denial to the peace process in Colombia and as their involvement is part of a geopolitical context, at the same time we discuss some of the positive and negative characteristics of what would have been the victory of the yes in the plebiscite.
the United States is a negative global player and is suspicious that the country has had an interest in disarming the world’s largest guerrilla force, what happened in Colombia is evidence of CIA operations that have resulted in polarization of the country.

disarming the FARC subversive force would have negative consequences for Latin American countries since the popular struggle does not suit this political and military weakness, although the FARC peace speech represents the light in the darkness that the world desperately needs to use as an example .
In any case, the insurgent force, unjustly labeled as a terrorist actor is not the real problem, because the problems are represented by the right-wing governments and monetary mafia that put in evidence the empire that exparse terrorism in the name of democracy, ass the only way to relieve conflict in this countries is to guilty actors take care of social and economic problems, they wold need to stop these invasive policies, which will doubtfully happen.

the peace process in Colombia is not an isolated event, it is al related with the events that have occurred with the coup in Brazil, the dollarization of Ecuador, and the growing tension emanating United States against the Venezuelan and Bolivian people are part of the context by which the United States shows that interest in the disarmament of the FARC.

Colombia suited peace, but at the same time did not suit it, that depending on the scale and the paradigm in which the conflict is observed, at the national level had been successful, it would mean the disarming of military force that brings costs the country in human and economic terms, these resources ultimately would be better invested in infrastructure, education, health and decent housing., but also at a national and regional level it would have likely no results that mitigate why the insurgent fighting force operates, IMF or international monetary fund granted a line of credit in dollars for post-conflict, which highlights the imperialist plans of economic subjugation to the Colombian people, there is something very unfortunate, is that the ultra right appropriated the not in the vote in order to seek impunity for his own, and this makes the speech continuation of the popular struggle to remain in the background.

Bolivia, officially created an international guerrilla anti imperialist military academy.

After the destruction of several countries from the West, Russia had to intervene in Syria. 2011 was the year that began World War, the entry of international players to the Syrian conflict triggered the nuclear tension in wich we currently live now, the Cold War tension was not so great as now, in addition to the participation of the Russian army in Syria for a year raises questions hacerca of the interest Statians in the region, russia in just one year, from the end of 2015 did much more than the US against Daish in six years, it is because the United States is a country that finances terrorism, it also provided military equipment to terrorist forces in order to meet the objectives of western oligarchy.

Vladimir Putin has signed a decree suspending the Russian-American agreement on the elimination of plutonium.

this occurred due to US destructive politics.

The North American country is in a context of countless scandals, in which it should be noted that there were other conflicts that put evidence of imperialist interests, among these the fall of Yugoslavia and the soviet union.

world war 3 is a process in which different political, economic and religious actors are connected, the Orthodox Church has been postulated world war as a holy war, and with good reason, because the empire is giving its biggest blow to develop a world under its rules and interests.

Countries that do not submit to Western interests are considered terrorist actors, for example, countries that did not agree to submit to the Western doctrine are now rubble, or face to heavy penalties and as a result affecting the inhabitants of those countries victims of the aggressive policies of the United States and the European union, a clear example of this is Venezuela, these countries who defend those oligarchical General Interest appropriated a speech representing the false democracy, which must be taken into account to understand is with this false discourse of democracy they topple democratically elected governments, as was the coup in Brazil.

Now we understand that the obstruction of the peace process, is a double-edged sword,it can be visualized positive elements for the popular struggle, led by Russia, China, Syria, Iran, Venezuela and subversive forces.

This helps us understand why the popular struggle does not suit latin america to disarm the FARC also known as the people’s army, is an actor who represents a multipolar world that has had to take up arms to enforce their rights, also, this group not only identifies Colombians. many people from different countries do as well. at national level Colombia has entered a great uncertainty because it is not known if the result can turn the country into a new Syria or Palestine, but it is known that the United States have interests in natural resources found in regions occupied by the insurgent group.

In Venezuela and other Latin Americans countries are not suited by the disarmament of the FARC. this subversive group is one of the actors that represent the working class in Colombia, as they are also a group that are in the best interests of its population, but for Venezuela at such time critical in the case of suffering an invasion of the US army, the FARC could actively participate in the conflict, so this will probably lead to if they can not invade only Venezuela, the US will have to do so with greater force and if conditions drastically worsen in Colombia, they wold have justification to invade the two countries and take their resources.

Depending on when you are watching this video war between the US and Venezuela could have unleashed, like the war between US and China, and also the war between the US and Russia, or the war of the US and Iran, or the war between north Korea and south Korea, here it is clear that if these independent actors fall before the General Interest of imperialism, humanity could face a new era of slavery and human rights violations as never seen before.